Maryland has the nation's top-ranked public school system for kindergarten through high school. The Maryland Department of Education oversees 24 school systems -- one for each of the 23 counties, plus one for Baltimore City. In addition to satisfying the state requirements for curriculum and performance, each jurisdiction can set its own standards. So, for instance, one county may set up different programs for gifted and talented, or music, or math compared to the county next to it.

Amazing opportunities for post-secondary education and adult learning abound throughout the state. From the storied halls of The Johns Hopkins University, to the wealth of classes in the newest technologies at the 2-year institutions such as Howard Community College, to vocational training at Baltimore Culinary Institute -- there is truly something for everyone.

If you need medical care, this is a good place to be! The ground-breaking research that routinely keeps people alive throughout the world often took place here at University of Maryland Medical Center or The Johns Hopkins Hospital, among others. In fact, UMd pioneered the Shock Trauma Center, modeled after battlefield triage. Biomedical engineering uses space and robotic technology to create miraculous prosthetics.