Like any other move, the logistics of becoming a Marylander require some, well, homework!  But -- here's some help to have you driving a car, going to work, staying somewhere until you find a home to buy or rent, and -- yes -- paying taxes with the rest of us more quickly!


Your Car and You!



     Plan to go to the nearest office of the Maryland Motor Vehicles within 30 days of your move to change your driver's license and register your vehicle. If you register your vehicle more than 30 days after you relocate here, you will owe state sales tax on its current market value. For either, take proof of residence -- the settlement papers from your home purchase or your current lease, information about your insurance policy, your birth certificate, and your current driver's license. You will need to take the title of the vehicle and its current registration to register it. For more information on the requirements, including the costs and any required tests for the driver's license, please check the state website listed above.

     Although you probably will never emerge from an MVA office with a smile on your face as you think, "Gee, that was fun!" you will have a better experience if you try to avoid the first day or two of the month, and the last week. Maryland does have express offices which can handle some but not all procedures. Again,  please check the official website for locations and services offered.








     Maryland has one of the best rates of employment in the United States. Its location, including its transportation network and its proximity to Washington, D.C., plus its strong school system and quality of life make it a good place to be for many businesses and government agencies. Currently, many jobs are coming here because of growing Federal agencies such as National Security Agency (NSA), CyberCommand, and Social Security Administration; the benefits of the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) relocating some agencies to Fort Meade, Bethesda Naval Medical Center, Fort Detrick, Andrews Air Force Base, and Aberdeen Proving Ground; and increased technology and medical research anchored by The Johns Hopkins University and University of Maryland. The area has one of the largest concentrations of scientists and engineers in the country. Support personnel in fields such as program management, information technology, contract administration, systems analysis, logistics, training, technical writing, and human resources are in demand as well. Here are some resources:




  • Extended Stay -- National chains such as Homewood Suites, Staybridge, Residence Inn and others are dotted throughout the state, especially near employment centers. Some charming bed-and-breakfasts also provide accommodations. While many are located in historic districts and urban settings, others may be in suburban locales and even rural areas.

  • Short-Term Rentals -- Commercial apartment complexes offer some units for 3-to-6-month leases for new arrivals, and have resources for rented furnishings as well.

  • Executive Residences -- Occasionally a private homeowner will make a property available for lease while away for a temporary duty assignment. These usually are listed on the multiple listing systems by REALTORS, and an agent will be happy to see if one is available for you.


Note -- If you locate a property through one of the popular classified ads  websites, please be sure the person offering the property is legitimate and either owns the property or is a licensed real estate agent or property manager. Scams do happen where the advertiser gets a deposit, often at a below-market rental rate, but is not legally associated with the property or its owner.